Thursday 1 December 2011

My Buddy Bellatrix!

Bellatrix is one of my Blogville friends, I have been following her for a while but she deserves a post all to herself for all the times she has made me laugh giggle and snort with her funny antics and entertaining way of looking at the world! She also has such a big heart and the way that she helped with little Emi was so touching, I’m just so sad that it didn’t work out for you but hopefully she is so happy now in her new home!

Festive Belly looking Sexy!

So who is Bellatrix? I hear you ask …. Bellatrix is a sexy and very sassy black female pug that was named after a Harry Potter character, her Mom said "Bellatrix was the most loyal character of all the books. She would protect Voldermort with her life." She is from East Bay California.

Founder of "Pug Sluts" - Lovers of all things PUG!!

My Mum is a "Pug Slut" she loves all things Pug and loves Belly because such a sucker for Black Pugs, she loves them and wants to get me a new Brother or Sister who is a Black Pug, she says that they are cute because you can’t see where their snouts join their smushy faces and on Puggys like me who are fawn you can and Mum thinks its funny! I hope you all take the time to have a look at her blog if you haven’t stopped by already!
Belly and Emi

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  1. Holy Crap!! Thanks for the blog all about me!! I'm super honored and am so excited....although I can't believe you posted my drag queen pic! Oh you have got to have a black pug bro/sis! Remember we're just like a cup of coffee...a tall cup of smooth. We shed so much less however we tend to be on crack (or meth) so the energy level is a tad high (manic even). Hey what's a little crack among friend right?
    I'm super grateful for such an awesome post! But remember...Hermaphrodites do it twice as nice! ha ho hee

  2. Ha ha ha, Bellatrix is really funny!!!!!!!!!

    We remember Emi and hopefully her new home is forever!

    Fawn pugs forever!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: we love all pugs, no matter the color but are partial for fawn because of Mackie.

  3. Bellatrix is great! She is a good friend. I just noticed Minnie and Mack's "Fawn pugs forever!" Awesome! All pugs and pug mixes are THE BEST!

  4. I do love me some Bellatrix! She is the bestest friend a pug could have.