Thursday 8 December 2011

Woodland Winter Walkies!

I have been having extra long and hard walks to get me skinny since the Vet put me on a diet! Mum took me on a woodland walk with big hills, steps and mixed terrain to get my Puggy behind wiggling and waggling all that fat away!

There are so many good smells out here in the wilderness!

Mum made me walk all the way up these steps!

Can't we take the easy way up Mum?? Its too hard to walk up ALL of these steps!

Wahoo! I made it to the top, now its all down hill from here!!

I had such a good walk Mum. Thank you, there are so many good smells and tastes out here!
I'm really sleepy though, lets go home for a bowl of diet kibbles and a long sleep....


  1. Hi Frank! You are being such a good puggie, taking that loonnng hike and working off all those calories! Keep it up buddy. You'll be trim in no time. As always, you are handsome either way.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: Thanks for the link to your wedding! We loved your tuxedo. Your mum and dad looked so happy, too! We really wished we could attend our hu-bro's wedding but we'll enjoy the pictures, lol.

    PeeS2: Thanks for your address, we'll be mailing out a Christmas Card real soon.

  2. That was an incredible journey, not just a walk! I can't believe you made it up all those stairs. Way to go, Frank! You'll have those extra pounds off in no time flat. I must admit though that aside from missing the smells, I enjoyed taking it in from the comfort of my chair! Hehee!

  3. Thanks for the walk Frank! I so enjoy going with you on walks.

  4. What a nice walk! but those were a lot of steps to go up! We are sorry that you are on a diet, but we are glad that you are getting to be outdoors more :) we love to smell everything too!
    Maddy and Owen

  5. Hi Tank
    Your walkie has such beautiful trails! I love all the wild things that grow!
    That was a lot of steps for a little cutie like you! I would have loved all those sniffs too!
    Such a beautiful hike today!
    sleep good!
    nitey nite