Thursday 15 December 2011


It’s been really cold here, the temperature has dropped dramatically over the past few days and there has been huge hail stones and there are reports that snow is on the way! I really enjoyed the snow last year, it was my first experience of snow and I loved everything about it, especially that fresh cold taste!! Mum has started putting the duvet on the radiator to warm up ready for when we come back from our walks but I can’t wait and like to nuzzle up to the radiator and get some cosy heat!
Whats the weather like with you??


  1. Hi Tank- at my old farm house- the grass is frozen, the mud puddles are frozen, and the trees all have white frost on them.
    For us- 32 is freezing- but it has been 24!
    See how cold? I wear 2 sweaters when I go outside, and I still shiver and shake.
    I like your idea of the duvet getting warm.

  2. You look so cute on the duvet! How nice of your mom to warm it up for you after cold walks. We've had a few cold days, but our coldest weather comes in Jan-Feb.
    Minnie gets warm by getting under the covers. Mack doesn't really get cold, I guess it's the little extra layer he has under his fur...

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. Frank, I think I'd be right there with you. Looks like the best spot! It's cold here already, around 40 degrees F. Well, too cold for me anyway. It will soon hover around the twenties and thirties for most of the winter. My mom gets tired of the grey, and we both miss the sun since it doesn't come out as much.

  4. Frank my Mom said to tell you to save her a spot she is moving in with you. Your walks combined with the promised snow has her all melancholy and more homesick than usual.