Wednesday 7 December 2011

Wordless (ish) Wednesday!

While down Nannie Carina's house-
'What the heck is that thing behind me??? It's looking at me Mum!!!!'


  1. Aww! Poor Frank! I'd have the same look so don't worry. Next time you see it, bite at it's ankles!

  2. Hi Frank - thanks for visitin' me. That was a pawesome day meetin' Santy Paws - but I had a look on my face a bit like yours with that thing behind you.....BOL! Eventually I gave one good pose then grabbed that stocking - and was OUTA there!! I'm working on my bravery for next year. I've joined up to follow you too. My peeps love where you live, they have visited Wales and keep raving about it and the other parts of the UK and Ireland they saw. I know we will be good furiends.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  3. Frank that thing would scare me to death! I suggest you just pee on it the next time, that will teach it not to stalk you any more.