Monday 1 May 2023

I'm still here!


Hello to all my Furiends - We are still here! 

Maxie-Moo (now six years old) and I (now 13 years old)  have been enjoying so many Adventures, we really miss our Blogville Furiends so we thought that we would stop by and say hello! 

Wednesday 1 January 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year Everyone!
Maxie-Moo and Frank the Tank

Wednesday 11 September 2019


Today I am a water dog and I earn my Captains badge in the canoe and as always its safety first here with my life jacket!

Getting out on the canal in the sunshine

Enjoying the canoeing its great to relax and see the beautiful views

My brother enjoyed looking out each side of the canoe but I had to tell him to sit down as he was rocking the boat

That Canoeing was really hard work!

Sunday 17 March 2019

Hunting for BIG BIRD!

I Found a HUGE Egg so we went to find the BIG BIRD that had laid it!

Its bigger than ME!

Me and Maxie Moo split up to try and find it...

Max could not see the bird anywhere!

I wonder where it could be?? Do you know??

Friday 1 March 2019

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung and so have we!