Friday 28 September 2012

I didn't do it on Porpoise!

Jasper News!

Jasper finds a Porpoise on a beach during one of his walks and gives it a good sniff - luckily Auntie Jude was there to make sure he didn't do his "stop, drop and roll" routine! BOL!
Good work Jasper!
Have a good weekend Everyone!
Love and Licks

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Happy Birthday Mamma Leesa!

 Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Mamma Leesa, she is such an amzing Grandpawrent!

Mamma Leesa and Mum!


Mamma Leesa, Mum and Auntie Ashley!


Mamma Leesa, Mum and Auntie Ashley at Disney!

Mamma Leesa, Mum, Dad and Auntie Ashley (Look how little Ashley is ... Bless!)


Mamma Leesa is always ready to have fun!


I hope that you have a great Birthday and that your birthday wish comes true!

Monday 24 September 2012

Happy Birthday Pete! (Ernie's Daddy)

 Happy Birthday to Pete, we had a party and he got presents!

Pete opening his card and presents, we had a super hero theme going on because we were going to watch "The Avengers" and have a little party!

I gave loads of  love to Pete but I was so happy that I got to play with my Bestest Furiend Ernie!

Pete had a really good time!

Ernie in his traction control socks to stop him sliding on their new wood floor! He looks so funny in them, and as you can see he finds it funny too!

 Playing with Ernie!

Dad gives Ernie some loveings!

Ernie gives Mum a HUGE lick all the way up her face - as you can tell she wasn't expecting it!!

The wonderful food Sam made, we had Lasagna, garlic bread and potato wedges!

 Me checking out the garlic bread ... but I'm just not big enough to reach it!

Yummy jelly and ice cream for desert and the Pawrents  also had chocolate brownies and whip cream!

Ernie relaxing on Dad.

 Me rolling around on the floor.

Naughty play time!


We relax in the morning before going me and my Pawrents had to go home!

 I had such an amazing time, Pete had an Pawesome Birthday and Sam, Mum and Dad had fun too!

I just love playing with Ernie and just cant wait for our Dog Holiday which is less than a month away!
Wahoooo! I'm counting down the days!!

Friday 21 September 2012

Furiends Friday ~ Meet Scooby!

 This is Scooby, he is a 3 year old Yorkie and is my new friend!

My Mum works with his Mum Michelle and they set up a play date for us in Parc Penallta!

Scooby loves to sniff and snuffle around just like I do and he follows Sam (Michelle's Daughter) around like crazy, he loves her so much and he tells me that they play together all the time!

I like Scoobs because he is much smaller than me, which is a rare thing to find and he is just so much fun to walk with!

We walked all the way up to the UFO ... I mean Observatory and by then Scooby was worn out, he doesn't do long walks like me because he only has little legs, bless him!

The view from the Observatory is Sultan the Pit Pony!

 Sultan the Pit Pony from the ground view!

 Scooby wants to be picked up! He was tired!

Me asking to get picked up by his Mum too ... no such luck!

We meet new furiends every time we go on a walk and today was no different, this is Coco the Doberman mix chasing me and scooby!

Time to go home, the sun was starting to go down and Me, Mum and Auntie Ashley (who also came along for the meet and greet) walked back home. Scooby was lucky and took the car home but you know what we are like, we just love the long walks and adventures so we kindly declined a lift home!

Walking with Mum and Auntie Ashley home, the Autumn colours were everywhere, there was a slight chill in the air, Mum says I will have to start wearing my jumper or coat soon!

That was an amazing adventure and I hope to meet up with Scooby again really soon!
Have a good weekend Everyone!
Love and Licks