Tuesday 11 September 2012

Gethin Walk Part 1 and Part 2

Me, Mum and Dad on our Gethin Walk (Part 1) ... it was a wet and raining and we all were complaining!!

"I'm not walking any more! I want to go home!"

"PLEASE take me home I HATE the rain!!"

Lets go Dad, I  dont want to walk in the Rain!

So we went got in the car and went home!

The following day was sunny and so we decided to try the Gethin walk AGAIN!

Gethin Walk (Part 2) ... it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining!

The View from the Gethin trail.

Me and Dad walk up the trail in to the mountains.

Mum, look there is a sign there .. what does it say??

They were cutting trees down and the sign was a warning to let us know what was happening and not to climb on the timber.

The Beauty of the Forest.

We walk past the timber, the wood smelled so nice, but I had to stay on my lead because the people were cutting down trees near and you could hear the buzzing of the saws and the machinery!

Dad told me that if I want to know how old a tree is I should count the rings in the tree stump!

I go for a drink by some falling waters! So cold and refreshing!

Me and Mum have a hug by some Christmas Trees!

The wonderful smelling pine trees, their sent fills the air!

I love walking in the woods!

Time to walk back, this is where I start to run and play!

Running in the Sun!

Relaxing on a warm rock to rest my Puggy Paws.

Back on the road again ....

Walking passed the timber again and I have to go back on my lead!

Suddenly there is a loud noise ...

Dad picks me up and then ...

A Truck full of wood comes past!

Just how much adventure can one little Pup have???
Thank Goodness I got to go home after this, what a great day!


  1. You have such cool walks Frank. I gave you an award yesterday on my blog housekeeping. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a great walk! Well, the second time in the sunshine was lovely! I love the waterfall there. Hope it stays warm!

  3. Great walk. I am glad you went back the next day. I too DO NOT like to be in the rain. Beautiful photos.

  4. Rain is EVIL. I am glad that the sun chased it away so you could go on this Beautiful and GOOD SMELLING walk.
    I LOVE the Falling Waters. THAT is not at ALL like Evil Rain.

  5. OMD, so that's where Christmas trees come from! I've never seen them in the wild. What an exciting day.

  6. ur walks always reminds mom of the time she lived in germany...she said she could smell the pine when she read your post today! we love vicariously living through your walks!
    STella rose

  7. Wonderful walk (well, the second walk, not the first). We are NOT fans of the rain either. You looked very grumpy Frank!! haha. Your grumpy face is cute. Do all of your pine cones look like budding roses? So pretty. Our pine cones here are very different and we are curious.


  8. you look much happier to hike in the sun. We agree!
    Benny & Lily

  9. So glad the sun came out the next day so you could enjoy your walk! Thanks for taking us with you do we can experience the beautiful scenery too.

  10. That was quite the adventure! Glad your Dad saved you from the big ol' loggin truck. Whew!

    Waggin at ya,