Monday 8 January 2018

Max's 1st Birthday!

My Baby Brother Max turned 1 Year old on 17th December and my Nanna Leesa, Grampy Graham and Auntie Ashley threw him a wonderful barkday pawty!

They bought him this cute Elf Birthday jumper.

They made him a card, a pup-cake and a parrot toy! 

Max was so excited and couldn't wait to eat his cake!


He loved playing with his new toy.

Max has had so many adventures in the time he has been my brother...

Some experiences may not have been so good but... 

I was there with him!

We have enjoyed playing with Ernie when he has stayed with us.

He met his real brother one day!

Mum kisses him as a puppy.

Auntie Ashley cuddling him.

The fist ever photo took of Max.

Learning to walk on his harness.

I love my little brother

Adventures in Castle Coch

Garwnant walk

Look at those big bat ears!

I'm never far away from Max

Mum gives him hugs

We had Barbeques in the summer

We went camping together.

We have had lots of snuggling and sleeping together

"Here I am!"

He is only 1 year old but he is one smart Pup, he knows lots of tricks and commands and loves his life with us!

I hope that Max enjoyed his first birthday and that he has many, many more!


Friday 5 January 2018

Frank's Barkday Pawty!

The 2nd January is my Birthday and my Mum threw me a party!

It's not every day a little Puggy turns 8 you know!

We all had party hats

I got a candle to make a wish

Tuesday 2 January 2018

Happy Birthday Frank - 8 Today!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I am Eight years old, my Mum says that she can't believe how fast the years are passing and that it seems that it was only a second ago that she was bringing me home as a tiny puppy.  Mum says I'm the most wonderful part of her life.
I will be celebrating with a super special pawty, a surprise walk to somewhere fun and lots of yummy delicious foodables!

Me and Mum - I was just 10 weeks old here!

Me and Mum Hug in Tenby

Kisses as a tiny puppy

Mum likes to take me on lots of adventures with her

Bike fun


Castle Coch

Roath Park

Devon Cliffs

Pebble Beach 

Fun at the Fair






I hope that I continue to have lots of wonderful adventures and hugs with Mum!