Thursday 31 May 2012

Last Day Reminder!

Don't forget to enter my "Pugaliers Win Prizes" Caption Comment Competition!
Today is the LAST DAY!
Anyone can enter and you could win one of three Prizes!

Click the link HERE and post a comment to do your very own caption to my puppy photo!

Good Luck!

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Thank You Rubie!

I want to say a BIG HUGE Thank You to Rubie for my Black and White Cow Boredom Buster that I won in her prize draw for her "PAWTNERS N' PALS" Event to celebrate Rubies 2nd Birthday! 

I love the cute card with Rubies photo on that came with it (Mum liked it MORE!) and I have been playing with my cow non-stop since it came to me all the way from Australia!
As you can see Mum was a little late taking a photo as I have almost destroyed poor Cow's ears and horns, but when its fun its fun and I love it!!
Thank You Rubie!!!!
Love from Frank XxX

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Tragedy Strikes when Jasper Stays!

Jasper was staying with Nanna Moyna and Grandpa John while his Mum and Dad (Jude and Steve) were away on holiday in Greece, he had been coming out with me, Mum and Auntie Ashley for long walks in the evening down to the lakes, through the woodlands, to the pit pony and the fishing ponds he was enjoying playing with me each night and loved being spoilt while staying with Nan ..... but then tragedy struck!
Me and Mum were cuddled up on the sofa and the phone rang, it was Nanna Moyna, she was in a panic and explained that Jasper had swallowed something from in the grass while on a walk with Grandpa John and was coughing and wheezing and gagging and they didn’t know what to do!
So Mum ran over to see what was wrong, she had a look at Jasper, she tried to put her fingers in his throat and tried to make him sick but he wouldn’t bring anything up, so Mum rang the Vet for advice and they advised her to bring him in for an emergency check-up and treatment. Mum registered Jasper at my Vet, she was excellent, she knew Jasper's breed, age, colour and any past problems that he had, Mum loves Jasper to bits and knows him very well and so we all got in the car and were off to the Vet. Jasper sat in the back of the car with Nan and was still making odd choking noises.
We got to the vet and Jasper was looked over, he wouldn’t let the vet open his mouth so had to be sedated, Mum had to sign a form to agree to treatment and they gave him some anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers and we had to leave him for a few hours! Jasper was good and went with the Vet happily!
Mum took me on a walk, we were both anxious and rang the vet once we were home and they said he was doing fine, he had just woken up and we could go down to collect him, so off we went again back to the vet. The Vet said that they couldn’t find anything wrong but said it may have been an attack of Jasper's, he has problems with his trachea (his throat) and can get out of breath in a sort of doggy asthma attack, it’s very frightening when he has one, he also suffers from pancreatitis too, so he doesn’t have much luck really love him!
The Vet said to keep him calm, give him the medicine they prescribed and to feed him soft food, they said if he was sick, stopped eating or drinking, if he became noticeably lethargic or in pain to being him back to the vet immediately.
Luckily Jasper was fine, he had lots of rest and wet food and after a few days Jude and Steve came home, they were told what happened and he had to keep taking his medicine for a while but the sad thing was that I wasn’t allowed to see him and didn’t even say goodbye to him when he went back home with his Mum and Dad in Pembroke!

The good news is that I will be going down for an overnight stay with Mum and Dad to Pembroke to be with Jasper, Jude and Steve really soon!
Jasper is better now so no juju needed I just wanted to tell you what happened!

Monday 28 May 2012

Me, Mai Ling and Jasper!

While Jasper was staying down Nanna Moyna’s Mum and Auntie Ashley took me and Jasper for a long walk down to the lake, but while we were on our way we met a cute black pug called Mai Ling!

Mai Ling was so friendly and gorgeous, Mum loves black pugs and wants to get me a black pug brother or sister but Dad isn’t having any of it, but seeing how cute Mai Ling was added fuel to Mums desire!

 At first I thought my buddy Bellatrix had come to visit me but it wasn’t her, I was a bit disappointed, but Jasper went over and they played and sniffed each other, I had a little game of chase with her and a sniff and then we carried on with our walks, I really hope that we see her again!

A Big THANK YOU to Auntie Ashley who took these photos with her phone because Mum had forgotten her camera!

Friday 25 May 2012

Sunny Walk With Auntie Ashley!

I love to go for walks in the sunshine and the weather is really heating up!

The Lake looks really nice in the sun, the colours are just gorgeous!

You cant see me in the photo below but I'm the other side of the wooden fance on the boardwalk, the dog is looking up at me!

I made a new friend!

Its Auntie Ashley!

Its Mum ~ She didnt need that coat at all it was soooo hot!


Panting, trying to cool myself down!

Suki Look! I'm by the fallen down round sign thing again!!!! I was so amazed that you remembered it and it made me happy that you did!



My Pensive Face!

The stunning sunny colours of nature, such wonderful views!

On the way home running along the Pit Pony ... I love walks with Mum and Ashley!

Have a wonderful weekend, I hope I have more walks!

Love Frank XxX

Thursday 24 May 2012

2 Years of Blogging!

Its been a whole two years since I started this blog and I want to say a big thank you to all of you for following me on all my adventures no matter how big or small!

Its been such a good year and I've had so much fun, I have loved every minute of it, its all been incredible!!

I have met so many good friends and sadly lost some over the rainbow bridge too but I'm happy to have met all of you and each of you have made my life a bit more special and have touched my heart!

To celebrate these two years I'm doing a give-away!

Pugaliers Win Prizes!!

Since I'm the one coming up with all the captions for my photos all the time I thought it should be YOUR TURN - all you have to do is post a comment with a caption to my puppy photo (above) and you could win a special prize all the way from my home here in Wales! The winner (s) will be announced on the blog at the end of June!

Good Luck Everyone! !

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Taff Trail Penrhos Cutting Walk Wednesday!

Dad took us on a walk from The Penrhos Cutting all the way to Castle Coch! Hope we dont see that Dragon this time though, he scared me a little bit!

I ran on ahead while Mum took some photos!

Where to go now???

Me and Dad enjoy the wonderful scenery!

Look there is a train!!

I just love to relax on a rock!

Bluebell Fields make the air smell sweet and my eyes wide with natures beauty, such wonderful colours on these pretty flowers!

Whats down there??


Dad pulls on a tree!

Lets Go This Way!

We venture deep in to the Woodlands!

More pretty bluebells and fuzzy green moss cover the forest floor!

Look a Huge Beetle, its such a nice colour and I had a little sniff of it and it ran away!

WOW! Look at all this wild Garlic, the smell fills the air and its little white flowers are wonderfully pretty, we must be close to the Castle now!

Sat amid the Wild Garlic Flowers!

We made it all the way to Castle Coch from Caerphilly!

Phew what a walk, my little paws are worn out but what goes up must come down and we must walk all the way back down from the castle to the car now!

Me and Dad run down the hill and make our way back home!

Running past the beautiful views of the vally!

Back down the path and I will be home, this was such a nice walk filled with the beauty of nature and adventures but I'm one tiard Puggy now!