Friday 18 May 2012

A Visit To Parc Bryn Bach Country Park!

Mum and Dad had the week off work and we spent 10 whole days together, they took me for a long walk every day and this day we went to Parc Bryn Bach, the day was cloudy and a bit cold but I still had fun!

I saw lots of ducks in the big lake!

Cute Ducklings!

Checking out a sign for some pee-mail!

Me and Dad look at a notice board, it shows photo of people who caught fish in the lake!

I had to go back on my lead in this Park area, lucky I had my extend-o lead!

I had such a wonderful day today, I cant wait to get to bed and sleep and dream of my new duck friends!

Have a good weekend everyone!

I will be showing you more of my amazing adventures with Mum and Dad Next week!


  1. Hi Tank
    What beautiful places you got to visit! All those ducks were beautiful, but I loved the little ducklings.
    I also loved the lake, and those huge rocks.
    Did you find any pee mail?

  2. I love it there, but I wish I was with you :)
    Love you Tanki

  3. Hi ya Frank the Tank! Thanks fur stopping by and being my new furrend. I'll be your furrend too coz I think one can nefur has enuff furrends. Mom is all SQUEEEE ofur your baby ducklings. She gets like that ofur those things. Sigh.

    Your new furrend, Shawnee

  4. what a brilliant walk!! you get to see some lovely places!! big hug Xx Reggie xX