Tuesday 22 May 2012

Wet Walk in Castle Coch

Mum and Dad took me to Castle Coch but even though it was wet and raining I had so much fun running around getting my paws muddy and seeking out adventure!

There were Puggy sized wooden huts everywhere!

Which way shall we go?

We went on the Sculpture Trail!

Follow Me Dad!

The floor is covered in bluebells, they were so very pretty!

What on earth is THIS??

I was scared of the huge metal spider!

More wooden hut things in the woods!

Dad found a big wood watch sculpture!

Dad and Mum play a little hocus pocus and cast a magic spell with a big cauldron filled with frogs and bugs!

A nice place to sit and relax ...

Dad rides on a DRAGON!

Shhhhhh he is sleeping!

Mum on the Dragon! Careful Mum!

Me on the Dragon - How Brave Am I?!?

Oh No the Dragon is awake and he has Dad's foot! Aaahhhhhhhh!

Mum says that little creatures live deep in the forest, here is a little creature carved in to this tree!

Dad finds a treasure chest! Wow-Wee!

He tries to open it but its locked!

I give it a little tap with my paw and the money falls out on to the floor!
Can we keep all this gold Mum?? ... PLEASE??!!

The Leaf Chair!

Mum and I share a little hut!

My Puggy Paw in the Mud!

Time to go back home now, thats enough adventure for one day!

We had to walk through the wild garlic, the smell is so wonderful!

Look how beautiful the wild garlic is!

The sign shows the way back home!

I had such an amazing adventure! Mum and Dad laughed the whole time, it was a great day! I hope you enjoyed it too!


  1. Hi Tank
    What a great time you are having and Castle Coch is a stunner. Wow the woods , hope you didn't come across the Blair Witch!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That place is just too cool. I love all those witch things in the woods

    urban hounds

  3. Another great adventure for a doggie off leash. You are just sooo lucky! Thanks for taking us along.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack and Mario

    PeeS: The dragon was awesome!

  4. That was awesome Frank - you were so brave to sit on that Dragon..... and I say "finders keepers" to all that GOLD!

    We loved looking at all the stuff in the gardens..... but it did look cold and damp!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  5. Wowsies Frank, dat is lotts owf niyce piktyoors, i'z dunnot liyke da lookie owf da bigg spiky green manniy eyeballed spiydir fing eiver!!! EEk! Gladd yoo surviverd, love n likkers, Pdorg xxox

  6. Hi Frank,

    Wow, a castle? Did you find Rapunzel? What a great adventure and with a dragon too. I felt like I was on the adventure with you.