Tuesday 1 May 2012

Garwnant Walking Adventure!

Mum and Dad took me for a wonderful walk in the forest in Brecon's Garwnant Walk.

There were lots of animals carved out of wood to see and sniff!

 There were beautiful waterfalls but I had to make sure I didn't go near them because the water was running too fast for a swim!

 A Hedgehog sculpture.

Enjoying the walk.

A Mole made from Welsh Slate.

A woodland walk to celebrate Beltane the first of May fertility celebration of renewal.

Dad and I stand by a fallen tree.

 The fallen trees from the high winds and rain last week, we all decided to turn back just in case more trees fell on top of us!

 An Owl sculpture.

Running and playing, I just love the wind in my ears!

Squirrel sculpture.

Mum and I by the Bat sculpture, Mum loves bats!

I tell Dad to stop to check out the bat!

 I love the beautiful scenery here and the place is so quiet, all I hear is the birds in the trees and the waterfalls and streams.

I have really enjoyed the walk but its time to turn back and head home!

The roots of a fallen tree.

Dad moves some tree debris from the pathway.

Another fallen tree stops us and we have to go a different way!

Run, the trees are going to fall on me!!!

 Lovely View!

 A Heron  carved out of wood.

 A Metal reindeer scares me and I run away from him!

 I find a huge dragonfly in the pond and have a closer look.

 Time to go home!

Such a beautiful place to enjoy some family time, I love walking with Mum and Dad especially surrounded by nature!

I had such a fun walk and was so sleepy after it that I slept all the way home in the car! I hope that Mum and Dad takes me on more adventures soon but hopefully a lot less dangerous one!


  1. Shhh, hey Frank, your Dad has a mohawk. It's like maybe he lived in those woods? Shhhhh.


    You have a good looking pair of pugrents Frank! I'm glad you all can enjoy that beautiful country. I bet there's some good golfing there!


  2. I love the Hedgehog and Bat sculptures. Those are two of my favorite non-canine animals

    urban hounds

  3. Hi Tank-
    I just love your world. I wish I could hear all those streams and waterfalls that you have. And of course I would love to sit on that bridge walk way and just listen to the quiet.
    The wind has so many sounds and songs, and I think I could hear the breeze in all those trees. And I could smell the sweetness in your springday!
    Thank you for sharing all this beauty,, I loved everything,, but I especially loved the dragon fly.

  4. Hey Frank! what a cool place! those sculptures were so clever! your mum and dad take you to such beautiful places!!
    big hug love Reggie xxx

  5. Great walk, Frank!! We loved all the animal sculptures. My sister would have tried to attack the mole and the squirrel...that is just the way she rolls...BOL!


    P.S. We just posted the answer to your garden question of last week...happy digging!

  6. Speaking of bats...do you ever get fruit bat ears? You know, like if you run or turn upside down and your ears straighten out? Mom thinks it is just too funny when it happens. (crazy lady). All of the wooden animals are quirky and fun. I bet my sister Coco would totally bark at them, hehe.