Friday 11 May 2012

Froggy Friday!

Mum took me for a little mid-week walk and took the camera, lucky she did too because it was froggy mating season and there were frogs filling the fish ponds, there was frog spawn everywhere and frogs getting their croak on all over the place, at one point me and Mum had to cover our eyes!! Nature is such a wonderful thing, I am always astonished by the vast beauty and intriguing creatures that share my world!

 Frog Spawn.

Frog peeping out of the water!

 Frog looking right at me!

The Frogs getting their croak on!

I was really good and didn’t try and eat or chase any of the little frogs, I stayed well back and Mum was very proud of me! What would you have done if you saw the frogs??
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love Frank xxxxx


  1. He he he! Lots of frogs! I bet I would chase them, Mack would bark at them and Mario would try to eat them!

    Lovely scenery, as usual!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. Ive always liked frogs, fun walk!

    urban hounds

  3. Hey Frank
    Really cool pictures. But. . . what's a FROG? I live in Suburbia USA and I have never witnessed such a thing!
    Love Noodles

  4. Oh my goodness! X rated! BOL

    When we goes to watch planes we can hear the frogs. I never seen them up close though we only hears them. How cool!

  5. Hi Frank! I wish I could take you up on the offer to fly to Wales to be with you will the 'rents are out of town! But, I don't have a passport and hu-mom said there is no way I could fly without one :(
    Love, Minnie :)

  6. Hey Frank! Nice blog!
    Woah, loads of froggies! I can't imagine Dusty around so many frogs... He'd either bark his head off or attack them and then bark his head off. I'm sure he'd bark no matter what happened :P

    If you would like, you can check out Jock, Lucy and Dusty's craziness here:

  7. Ohh ma gooderyness Frank, I'z wood havv eeted them! heeheehee love posie xox

  8. Hey Frank! what a cool walk! Im not sure about Froggies! theres loads in my garden as ma & pa had a pond in the garden when they moved in and Uncle Alfie fell in it and was so upset, so Ma & Pa decided to fill it in, but the frogs still live in the garden in an old water bucket... theres one that lives by the back door and Ma calls him Rumpelstiltskin... he's scary and we all run away from him... maybe i will blog about him one day. Thanks for sharing your lovely walk! you have some lovely places to go! lots of love Reggie xxxx
    p.s. ma will make your top as soon as she can... she claims that me and Min take up all her time, so she hasnt been at her sewing machine for a while shes on constant toilet training watch! xxx