Monday 28 May 2012

Me, Mai Ling and Jasper!

While Jasper was staying down Nanna Moyna’s Mum and Auntie Ashley took me and Jasper for a long walk down to the lake, but while we were on our way we met a cute black pug called Mai Ling!

Mai Ling was so friendly and gorgeous, Mum loves black pugs and wants to get me a black pug brother or sister but Dad isn’t having any of it, but seeing how cute Mai Ling was added fuel to Mums desire!

 At first I thought my buddy Bellatrix had come to visit me but it wasn’t her, I was a bit disappointed, but Jasper went over and they played and sniffed each other, I had a little game of chase with her and a sniff and then we carried on with our walks, I really hope that we see her again!

A Big THANK YOU to Auntie Ashley who took these photos with her phone because Mum had forgotten her camera!


  1. Meet and greet and walkies , top walk.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What cuties you have such nice friends Wish we cold play with you too

    urban hounds

  3. Hi Tank,
    Oh its so fun to meet new friends.
    Mai Ling is beautiful and I love to see all of you and your friends play together!

  4. That looked like a furry pawsome good time, Frank. Meeting new furrends is always exciting.

  5. OMP that is the sames at our house... Mummy wants two pugs a fawn and a black, the best of both worlds. Dad won't have any of it... saying one plus two cats is already a handful.