Wednesday 23 May 2012

Taff Trail Penrhos Cutting Walk Wednesday!

Dad took us on a walk from The Penrhos Cutting all the way to Castle Coch! Hope we dont see that Dragon this time though, he scared me a little bit!

I ran on ahead while Mum took some photos!

Where to go now???

Me and Dad enjoy the wonderful scenery!

Look there is a train!!

I just love to relax on a rock!

Bluebell Fields make the air smell sweet and my eyes wide with natures beauty, such wonderful colours on these pretty flowers!

Whats down there??


Dad pulls on a tree!

Lets Go This Way!

We venture deep in to the Woodlands!

More pretty bluebells and fuzzy green moss cover the forest floor!

Look a Huge Beetle, its such a nice colour and I had a little sniff of it and it ran away!

WOW! Look at all this wild Garlic, the smell fills the air and its little white flowers are wonderfully pretty, we must be close to the Castle now!

Sat amid the Wild Garlic Flowers!

We made it all the way to Castle Coch from Caerphilly!

Phew what a walk, my little paws are worn out but what goes up must come down and we must walk all the way back down from the castle to the car now!

Me and Dad run down the hill and make our way back home!

Running past the beautiful views of the vally!

Back down the path and I will be home, this was such a nice walk filled with the beauty of nature and adventures but I'm one tiard Puggy now!


  1. What a beautiful sunny day for a long walk. I wish we were with you! You are so cute as you run on your way home. We bet you were tired.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. Hey Tankini!
    Wow, what a gorgeous walkie! Love that scenery. Gosh, a train, those bridges, a beetle and a castle all in one trip! You look fabulous on that big rock.
    BTW: Your 2 year blogaversary event sounds like a blast! I'll get it added to the BC Calendar right away and I'll be pawticipating on the 24th fur sure!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge A Licious

  3. You look that you have a great walk with your dad :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  4. Oh my we just so much luvs the pictures of your various walkies. So pretty. Mum was telling my granny (her mum) all abouts the gorgeous photos we see on your blog. My granny is from Scotland and she says that she likes Wales as it reminds her a bit of Scotland. I have never beens to Scotland or Wales. Mum has been to Scotland lots to visit family. I just sounds so exciting with all those castles!

  5. Tank
    I have never seen such beautiful Blue Bell Fields as the ones you showed. Oh gosh,, so beautiful!
    So much to see on your walkie, and good thing the dragon did not come out again.
    I love to sit on rocks too cause they are warm and its nice to be up in the air higher- isn't it?
    I love all the green and beautiful colors. And the garlic- wowee!
    I saw you ran fast, but can understand how tireds you are, so I hopes you are sleeping good tonight.
    nitey nite