Friday 27 April 2012

Flashback Friday!

In August I hope to be staying down with Jasper and his Mum and Dad (Auntie Jude and Uncle Steve) even before I was born Mum and Dad have enjoyed going to their seaside home in Pembrokeshire  and staying for a few days, so below are a few photos from past vacations with and without me!
21st August 2008 – Before I was born Mum and Dad enjoyed their time with Jasper, Jude and Steve and visited Pembrokeshire Castle and Caldey Island where the Monks live.

30th July 2009 – Also before I was born this time they visited St David’s Cathedral, famous writer Dylan Thomas’s Boat House and Stackpole Bosherston Lily Ponds.

29th May 2010 – My first time staying with Jasper, Jude and Steve and we enjoyed a long walk at the Stackpole Lily Ponds and Angle’s Costal Path.

29th May 2011 – Last year’s trip down with  Jasper, Jude and Steve saw us having lots of wonderful adventures, from Freshwater West, Marloes and St Govans to Angle!

 (Malo is Dad's name)

I hope that this year will be just as fun and full of wonderful adventures with my Mini Schnauzer cousin Jasper!


  1. Frank what Pawsome pix and what GRRRR8 adventures! My Mommy says she loved visiting Wales, Scotland and England. So much to see!
    You were SO TINY! And look at you now! So grown up and so handsome.
    Thanks for sharing some good times.
    Love Noodles

  2. ummm..... OMP THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOMES!!!!!!!!!!

    I am barkless right nows, just such a great place. I wish I could go and visits you there!


  3. Oh I love all these photos,, they show the beautiful world that we have never seen. Its so pleasant to our eyes,, like we are on a journey,
    I love the lily pads. They are so beautiful, and I love the photos of you in that water and your ocean- oh my gosh- how beautious.

  4. What a wonderful scenic place for a holiday! Nothing like a good romp on the beach, followed with a pint and some chips, eh?
    We loved the water lily picture too.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

    P.S. Thanks for the garden question. We will answer it on friday :D