Monday 23 April 2012

Sleepover with Ernie!

On Saturday (21st April) Dad was asked to go watch UFC Fighting with Pete (Ernie’s Dad) and the boys so Mum asked Sam (Ernie’s Mum) if she wanted to stay over with us to get away from all that testosterone, so Mum and Sam had a girls night in and me and Ernie joined in! (I was a little confused why Ernie and I were with the girls and not the boys until Mum told me that we have both had ‘the snip’ so technically can go either way! Hee,Hee!) I was so excited when Mum told me Ernie was coming I could hardly breathe with all the pug noises I was making, he is so much fun to play with! Then she told me that he was sleeping over so fun lasted all night and all morning!

Meet and Great is always my favorite part!


Having a whiff beafore more playing!

A little bit of humpy time!

On Mum and Dads bed

 Sleepover's are sooooo much fun!

Giving Ernie goodnight Kisses while on the guest bed ready for sleep!

Ernie waits for his Mum Sam to come to bed before sleeping!



  1. Wow, sleep overs look awesome! We thought that maybe you and Ernie would be sharing the guest bed...but sleeping with mom is always the best.

    Ernie looks really big in the pictures. Has he grown? And Frank, you are handsome as usual!!!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. What a fun time and yoru friend is very cute. We love the name ERnie, our youngest cat brother is named Ernie

    urban hounds

  3. It sure looks like you had tons of fun on your sleepover, Frank. How lucky you are to have such a special FURiend! I don't really have any FURiends like that.
    Love Noodles

  4. Woweeee! Jumping on your humans bed and wrestling!
    You had the best time ever! Those photos just crack us up!

  5. Sleep overs are the bestest! I have sleepovers with my pal Dickens.


  6. aww wow! how cool is your sleepover! my pa loves UFC and he wakes me up at stupid o'clock some weekends as its on ESPN at silly times! i like to watch it with him though, its cool!
    i like Ernie, he has cool curls!
    big hug
    Reggie xxxx