Monday 10 September 2012

Penallta Walk with Mum and Auntie Ashley!

I'm everyone!
 I'm sorry I haven't been bogging recently but we have all been really busy, luckily though the Pawrents have not been too busy to take me on long walks before the dark evenings set in, Mum and Auntie Ashley decide to make the most of it!

We went all the way down the track and as you can see the autumn leave have started to fall.

I love my long walks!

Me and Mum taking a hug break!

We found a random dream catcher hanging on the sign by a cattle grid.

The apples on the trees.


Me on the Parc Penallta Sign.

Walking through the woods to the magic garden.

In the magic Garden.

A Pentagram on the rock!

Time to go see whats happening in the Woodland area.

Auntie Ashley having a laugh.

The lake.

Auntie Ashley takes in the blissfully tranquil scenery!

I love it here, its a beautiful place to live!
I had a wonderful walk and was one tired little Puggy, once I had my food at home I was fast asleep!


  1. Long walks are so good for you, the magic garden is beautiful too

    urban hounds

  2. What a magical place for a walk and it looks so peaceful! Autumn is on the way now but it's still good to get out and enjoy the countryside - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  3. Nice to see you back Frank. You have such great walks. It's the squiggle season so you can guess what I have been busy doing. Have a really lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Random Hug break, how cute

    woof - Tucker

  5. What a beautiful walk. I just love the beginning of Autumn. The best part was the hug break. I think I'll go take one of those right now.

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful time! It's just starting to cool down here, so I'll be able to go on longer walks again soon. I can't wait!!

  7. We have been wondering and wondering just where you went frank! Hey cool park its a good thing your aunt ashley didn't fall cos that would have hurt!
    stella rose

  8. Hope you are having a good Monday. We have something for you on our blog Housekeeping. Please pop by.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. A beautiful walk! Glad to see your face back on here furend! Those berries look delicious! Did you sneak a taste?

  10. That is such a beautiful place to visit! We just can't imagine living in such a magical place!

    We haven't been blogging much either. Just not enough time, but we hope to post a few times a week for now!

    Thank you for the wonderful words for Jay's words we posted yesterday. He has such a big heart!

    Love and kisses,
    Minnie, Mack and foster Mario

  11. Wot do you mean you wished you lived by me fur hikies, Frank? You has pawsome hikies by you! Wot I would like to know is when you sit on your mom's lap fur hugs, your mom is all smiley and stuff. When I sit on my mom's lap fur hugs I get "SHAWNEE! I CAN'T BREATHE!!!!!" Wassup with that?

  12. Such a great walk, Frank! I'm glad you have had fun with your peeps even though they are busy. I can't believe the summer is over. The year is going by so quickly.

  13. SIGH.... Frank you always take the most AMAZING Walkies. I love seeing all the interesting thingys along your way. THANKS fur sharing them with us... esp. the HUG time!!!

  14. Hi Frank!
    I like the first picture, you are on the fallen round sign. Your adventures are awesome, makes me think I'm there with you!


  15. U have lovely walks xx Reggie xx

  16. What a great place for a walk! Luv all the stuff you saw along the way. And that magic garden is pawsome!

    Funny last photo with the lonely life saver in it. Just in case right? Ha! :)

    Waggin at ya,