Tuesday 19 April 2011

Name and shame the Oscar way!

Me and Osc!

Playing Rough and loving it!

Walking side by side!


On a walk down the track the other day I met Oscar and his Dad, we walked down the track Nelson way and I played with Oscar all the way, he is a cavalier king Charles spaniel like my birth Mum and we chased one another around, walked side by side and played wrestling, it was so much fun!
The real fun was listening to Oscars dads story about getting fined for fouling, poor little Oscar had a poop in the park and his dad was being watched by community members that booked him for not picking up his poop which was apparently particularly liquescent and fined him for a whopping £75 and Oscars Dad was so annoyed that he wrote them a little poem which I am yet to hear but it was wrote by Oscars Dad, Mum and the kids and were rocking laughing at the verses of Osc humping and other such situations! Let this be a warning to all you dog owners out there who do not pick up our poop!
Dog fouling is a major issue for many of our towns and cities. It is the most offensive type of litter on our streets and it is consistently raised as a public concern. In 2008 the UK dog population was estimated to be 7.3 million, with dogs producing approximately 1,000 tonnes of excrement each day. In a recent survey of over 19,000 sites dog fouling was present in over 8% of these sites. Some dog owners still fail to clean up after us!!

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