Tuesday 5 April 2011

Honeymoon in The Cotswolds.

Since we never got to go away for our two day break last September to The Chester House Hotel in The Cotswolds because Dad was playing Football Mum has decided to go there for their Honeymoon! It’s really nice in The Chester House Hotel and the best thing is that it’s dog friendly so I get to go too! It lies in the centre of Bourton-on-the-Water, the little "Venice of the Cotswolds" with the River Windrush running through the village, if it’s warm I may paddle in the river, Mum says she has seen other dogs take a dip in there before on hot days! I hope the weather is nice so I can have lots of walks around the village! Mum and Dad get Champaign on arrival because it’s their honeymoon and Mum is going to book to have a beauty treatment like a massage one afternoon! Mum will need a nice relax to get over the big day! We will be staying in the Coach House and since I am not allowed in the lounge/bar area but Mum says if the weather is nice she will take me out for scones and clotted cream or some good old British fish and chips!

(The link to the hotel website.)

(The link to my blog talking about The Chester House Hotel last time.)

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