Wednesday 25 May 2011

I take Jasper for a walk!

On the weekend of May 14th Jasper was down, so I decided to take him for a walk with Mum and Dad and show him one of the many routes that I usually walk in the evening.

There are many walking trails you can take such as Sultan trail, woodpecker trail, skylark trail and the national cycle route 47 (which I walk on every day) but my favourite is the Sutlan trail along the pit pony which is marked by a purple sign with a horse on it! Jasper had never seen Sultan before so he was in for a treat!

The trails are easily marked with signs and each route has its own beautiful views and vegetation, its all a wonderful walk through nature!

I took Jasper to the big pond, my favorite place to have a swim! "Come on in Jasper the waters great!"

"Do you want to play ball with me??"

I decide to go for a swim and play fetch in the water.

I love to swim!

Slash, Splash!

Jasper would rather stay on dry land and watch me!

I showed Jasper The Story Stones.

Each large stone is engraved with a different story about the mines and about the environment.

The Story Stones are a good way of teaching people about the Welsh Mining Heritage that is in Penallta and the surrounding areas.

Jasper takes the lead and runs up a hill to show me where he wants us to go!

Friends that Sniff together Stay together!

A Small lake on the way to see Sultan the pit pony.

We have a run around it and have a game of chase.

I decide to go for another swim while Jasper watches me in amazement.

Jasper gets brave and puts his paws in the water!

Back to Nans for a bowl of milk and treats!

Jasper gets in his basket to go to sleep after the long walk!


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