Thursday, 5 May 2011

Dynamo Aber FC

On Saturday I went to watch Dad play football, he plays for Dynamo Aber FC he plays in defence and is the captain of the team! I have never seen Dad play football before just with me out the back garden, but Mum says she went to watch him when they first got together but she got banned hee,hee! I’m hoping to see him play again, I got to have a little walk around the pitch and take in all the smells of Llanbradach (where they were playing) and everyone there loved me! They all said I was so cute and that my fur was so soft! Dad and Mum are going to the Football clubs Presentation Night at Caerphilly Rugby Club soon, hopefully they will bring me back some of those little sausages on a stick from the buffet! Mmmmmm!

Me watching the Football trying to hold myself back from running on the pitch to get the ball!

Enjoying the game and loving the sunshine!

Dad and the team - running after the ball.

Going in for a sliding tackle!

Come on The Dynamo!!

Dad goes in for a header!

Almost a goal!

Dads team wins the game! Wahoo!

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