Thursday 10 November 2011

My Long Weekend Walk With Autny Ashley and Mum.

I love going on long walks, especially as the nights are so dark now that I just walk around the streets in the village on lead under the glow of the street lights! On the weekends on the nature walks Mum lets me off lead all the way so I can be free to sniff and indulge my Puggy senses!

 I see a babbling brook, we have had a lot of rain these past couple of days so the water was flowing fast and it was really deep!

We went over the boardwalk with all the beautifully coloured crunchy fallen leaves.

Then we walked over to the cycle track and to the lake and to Parc Penallta!

The colours of the trees were just wonderful!

I took in the beautiful views!

Over a wooden bridge I take a long lingering look at the water rushing under my Puggy Paws!

Up through the Panallta trails we meet a new friend, a Black Labrador cross.

We had a sniff and a little play!

Then back off walking on my adventures....

"You are loved" there are always messages on the nature walks, its like the universe wants to tell us all something! We are all loved!

Aunty Ashley poses for the camera!

We walked all the way up on to the look out point, The Observatory, Mum says it looks like the aliens are going to land here one day! I say beam me up Scotty Dog!

The Observatory.

Aunty Ashley loves coming on walks with Me and Mum and I love her coming too, she gives me lots of love and treats, Mum loves Ashley coming for walks too because she loves her so much and misses her, Aunty Ashley is Mums Sister!

I love the wonderful peace and tranquility of the woodlands here, you really do feel calm listening to all the birds singing and seeing all the animals that live there, its really nice, especially the smells! Wow!

Then on the way home me and Mum found a small friend ...

A little Hedgehog! Isn't he so cute! They usually only come out in the night but he must have been lost, Mum put him back in the hedge and he curled up in to a ball! Mum loves animals!


  1. Frank the Tank! I always love your walks too. Such pretty nature trails and all sorts of new friends. That observatory is kinda spacey and almost out of place in a rustic field. Keep your eyes peeled!
    PS. Thanks for all the love on my blog today! I so much appreciate it!

  2. Hiya Frank
    That sure was a nice walk you went on. I seldom get to explore like that. Our big park does not allow dogs (I heard tell that some decades past there was a problem with packs of homeless dogs so all dogs are banned). We have a smaller park where dogs ARE allowed but it isn't too adventure-able. Even in Lake Tahoe there is only 1 or 2 trails that allow dogs. Maybe I should move out your way? Beautiful countryside.
    Love Noodles

  3. Frank I just love going on these walks with you! Mom keeps threatening to move in with you so she can enjoy all that wonderful scenery every day. I think your Mom might be right about the aliens, if you start to hear a big roaring sound in the sky some night just run and don't look back! They probe Frank, they probe.

  4. We love it when you take us along on your walks! Your country side is so lovely and peaceful.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: the little hedge hog is sooo cute!