Thursday 3 November 2011

Where's Waldo….I mean...Frank?

The weather has gone freezing cold and it feels like my little Puggy Paws could drop off, Dad got me a new jumper to keep warm so along with my nice waterproof army coat so I will be nice and toasty cosy this coming Winter!

Now its dark in the evenings I get to walk the street way, walking through the village, I get to walk past all the nice food shops and take in all the smells and try my hardest to eat any food that has fallen on the floor nearby, we have lots of food places like the fish and chip shop, the Chinese, the Indian, the pizza place and the Turkish Kebab and Burger take away!

Yes Nelson may be a small place but we not only have a lot of food places we also have 10 pubs all of which serve food, The Nelson Inn, The Holly Bush, The Railway, The Oak and The Greyhound to name just a few!!!

I got excited because the men came round to put the lights and Christmas decorations up in the village, it looks so pretty when they put the lights on, but that won’t happen until Santa comes to the village some time mid-November! I’m really looking forward to Christmas, this year I’m over Nannie Carina and Bampi Dave’s house which means lots of food for me, they may even do me my own doggy Christmas dinner!  My mouth is watering just thinking of it all……

Well I'm off on my Walkies now ....They say it’s going to snow soon, take a look at the photos of me in the snow last year, click on the links below:
I hope that you enjoyed the photos of me in the “Pug Deep” Snow!


  1. Frank the Tank! I like your sweater and am glad you'll be warm this winter. It sounds to me that your alternate walk route is great with all those foodable smells! And wow, that's a lot of snow you got last year! It's so pretty, but I just like to look at it through the window.

  2. Hi Frank,
    Oh my gosh, you have tons of snow! I had snow last February, but after about 4 hours it was all gone. I can't imagine having to digbthe car out to go to work.

    Mom likes the robin picture. Your robins are one of her favorite birds, even if she's never seen one in person. Our robins are a lot bigger in the states.

    Stay warm and toastie.


  3. We read your snow blogs! your village is so beautiful, especially in the snow.
    Your new sweater will keep you nice and toasty and your new camo coat will keep that snow off your back!
    Guy Fawks day sounds interesting. and yes, lots of yummies coming our way this month for Thanksgiving!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  4. Hi Tank
    I just love your new sweater jumper. It will look so pretty in the snow.
    You will look like a candy cane.
    It feels so good to have nice warm clothes doesnt it- when it is getting so cold and dark outside.
    Thank goodness, you have some nice smells to check out on your walkies.. I wish I did too

  5. My Mommy is so jealous of your snow! It makes her homesick to see the changing seasons and she especially misses the snow. As for me I took a face plant last year and well, let's just say snow is not on my list of "things I want to do this winter".