Wednesday 3 August 2011

Barbeque with Clair and Ells.

On the Weekend Mum and Dad had a Barbeque!

I love it when people come over for Barbeque's because I always get extra treats if I act really cute!

Mum, Me and Sammie took hours weeding and jet washing the patio before they came! Look how amazing the patio looks now!!!!

The Barbeque - ready to go!

The drink and nibble selection.

I want some olive bread!!!!!

Clair and Ells - Awwwww hugs! (I love Clair, she feeds me!)

I want some food please and maybe a Peroni!


Thanks Dad - I want some of that drink!

Mmmmm Peroni!

Dad, can I have a burger please?? They smell sooooooo good!

The yummy Spanish burgers!

spicy beef sticks and sausage spirals.

Sammie was over too! She helped Mum drink some Champers from her Wedding! Yummy!

Boys and their toys - Dad plays Ells in Fifa! Guess who won????

Me, Sammie and Clair chat outside while the boys play inside! I got all the gossip! We all got hit by bird poop! Yuck!! I enjoyed the Barbeque because I got to have a nice burger and some cheese and bread! I loved it! It was tasty! Then Clair and Ells slept over too, we watched movies and had nibbles and I slept in my bed all night - I was so sleepy after all the fun that Mum had to come downstairs and wake me in the morning! I was a good pug and it was a good day!

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