Monday 24 May 2010

Meet Frank.

Hi, I'm Frank!
I am almost 5 months old and live in Wales, I am originally from Devon in England but I was 8 weeks old when my Mum and Dad took me over the border to start my new life!
I thought that I would share my thoughts with the world after reading a blog by Tidy, a pugalier from Australia! (
I get bored when Mum and Dad go to work so I got myself a little lap top and decided tell the world what it’s like to be me!
My favourite things are long walks with Mum to the park and the fields, playing with my Kong ball, getting treats, playing football with Dad and playing with my friends.
Another favourite thing of mine is stealing my Mums flip flops and nibbling on them! But Mum gets mad at me; she has had to buy two new pairs of black flip flops already! I can be very very naughty when I want to be!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Frank,

    My name is Bruno and I am a Rotweillor.
    I read your story and was sooo sad.
    I would like to come and play with you and perhaps you would like a ride on my back...
    I said to my Dad about it (your Uncle Al)and he said that I couldn`t in case I got a bit peckish and you got stuck in my throat.