Thursday 27 May 2010

Loving my ‘Heffa- Hump’ toy!

Today I am relaxing on Mum and Dad’s bed, I like to snuggle up and chill out for a while, its bigger then my doggie basket but not as comfy because mum puts lots of blankets and pillows in there for me to lie on and I have my Heffalump-hump toy!

I love him so much, I like to nibble his round pompom tail, chew on his long nose, and gnaw on his ears, he is my favourite!

I enjoy snoozing on Mum and Dad’s bed but the only problem is that I haven’t quite mastered the stairs yet, I can go up there fine, but I can’t get back down, it scares me, so I sit on the top of the landing crying until Mum comes to take me down (and it’s an excuse for a cuddle too when she picks me up and I looooove cuddles!)

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