Wednesday 26 May 2010

Ernie and Me!

Some exciting news, in October my Mum and Dad have booked to go away to Devon (my place of birth) with their very good friends, Sam and Pete and I get to tag along which is fab because my friend Ernie is coming too!

Ernie is Sam and Pete’s dog, I met Ernie a while ago, he is a Springer spaniel who seems to be always smiling, and he has the best hair cut EVER!

We walked down the cycle track together, it was a very nice day, my Mum bought Ernie a big chew toy to play fetch with, he really liked it, although Ernie is bigger than me we are really good friends, Ernie was really brave and had a swim in the lake but I was too scared, I am not too keen on water!

I am really looking forward to my trip to Devon now, four days with Ernie is going to be so much fun, just have to remember to watch out for that tail though, one swipe and I will be flying across the room, and Mum has warned my about biting his long floppy ears, I had a bit of a “thing” for them when he first came down to see me and he wasn’t very happy!

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