Thursday 5 November 2015

Dog Holiday 2015 (Pawt 4)

We had a big cooked breakfast on our last full day at the Farmhouse.

Dad played with Ernie.

I only had eyes for food!

Sam put out all the food while I jumped around her feet trying to get anything that missed the plates.

After breakfast we all had a relax.

Enjoying the last day and getting as much rest and relaxation as we could.

Then it was time for a walk in the fields.

Me, Mum and Dad are ready to do more exploring.

Mum and Sam

Pete and Sam

Our Farm House.

Walking through the fields.

Dad and Ernie explore the perimeter! 

Ernie Sniffles

Ernie Snuffles

Ernie works out his Snooter skills

Bounding through the fields.

It was a beautiful day.

Dad runs with us Dogs.

I enjoyed the wonderful walk through the field

I was taking in all the new sights and smells.

Ernie totally enjoyed himself, he couldn't stop smiling.

This place is amazing.

Dad got tangled up in Ernie's lead.

Dad, Mum and Me

Ernie stopped for a water break.

Ernie, Pete and Sam

Looking at the view around me.

Mum was so happy, she loves walking with us dogs!

Mum jumping over Ernies lead.

Ernie sniffing around a sheep feeder.

I was loving being able to run around the grass and sniffing everything.

My nose could hardly cope with all the smells.

I was very happy.

Pete had to carry Ernie over the gate.

Running back to the Farm House.

Getting our paws washed by Sam with the hose outside.

I was running away, the water was too cold.

Our Wellies.

Ernie relaxing in the sun beam.

Dad and Pete play more games.

Mum relaxes with Me and Ernie.

Ernie really enjoyed this holiday.

Sam sneaking over to the wood barn to take some to use in the log fire.

Look at all the wood.

We only took a few longs.

Sam made the fire and it was great!

Mum loves hey bails, she had to have her photo taken by them!

Back in to the Farm House to warm up.

The Parents played games while Me and Ernie played together.

We played with a raw-hide bone.

The bone was really big!

I tried my best to gnaw on it.

The last meal in the Farm House.

Hot Tub time!

Daddy is always the first one in the Hot Tub.

The last night the Pawrents always go a little crazy!

So much fun!

Ernie and I were both sleeping.

The last day was really fun.

We all didn't want to go to bed but we had to and soon were sleeping on the sofa.

What a great day we all had.


  1. Oh I agree! and even the weather was perfect for a long walk. That farmhouse rocks, that's the best place for a howl-i-day!

  2. Pretty cool! And I can smell that yummy breakfast from waaaaaay over here!

  3. Wow, does that ever look like a fun vacation!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. You guys are wild and crazy I tell ya!
    Lily & Edward

  5. Wow! We're tired out just looking at all the fun stuff you all did!

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