Wednesday 16 June 2010

It’s all about me!

Today Mum found photos of me as a puppy, I think I look really small and really cute!

I am still small and cute and I’m still a puppy, I am almost 6 months old now though!

Mum says that even though she loved me when I was that tiny and cute, she likes that I am fully house trained now and that I know how to sit, stay, come here and do my other tricks.

The photos were taken in early March (2010) the fluffy pink ball was one of the first toys that i had and I loved it, it used to squeek but I have played with it so much that now it just kind of moans Unenthusiastically at me!

The pink blanket is actually Mums fluffy dressing gown, she used to wear it all the time to play with me and then put it in my basket in the kitchen as a blanket to sleep on because it smelled of her so I wouldn’t miss her when she was in bed at night.

The first photos were taken in the kitchen, the floor was covered in newspaper because I was still toilet training, the bowl looks nearly as big as me in those pictures! Hee,Hee!

Mum says that I am still as naughty as I was as a puppy and sill full of energy, we still play together all the time and have lots of hugs and kisses every day!

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