Wednesday 16 June 2010

The Story of the Welsh Ball!

On a trip to Pembroke before Mum and Dad decided to have me, they went to the Lilly Ponds and during their walk they found the welsh ball, Dad loves football so much that he decided to keep it, then when I came along they gave it to me to play with out in the garden, I would play with it for hours, Mum would kick it and I would run after it, I loved chasing it around in circles, growling at it because it was rolling away from me and I could never get my little teeth into it ….... Until last night!!!

I was playing away with Mum in the garden and I took a running leap and mouth wide open teeth showing I landed on it and it popped!!

I spent a whole hour after that playing with the deflated Welsh ball nibbling on it, making sure I killed it, I had been trying to bite that ball for Ages and now I finally had it.

Mum wasn’t too pleased with me, but she said if I was good she may buy me another one soon, because she loves playing with me!

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