Thursday 25 October 2012

Dog Holiday 2012 ( Part 4 )

The Pawrents left us doggies in the Cottage while they went out for a pub lunch, me and Ernie played and had a treat each while they were out so we didn't mind!

Pete and Dad look at the Menu.

Sam and Mum Smile!


Posing with pints!

Pete with his Scampi.

Dads Ham and Eggs.

Mums Steak.

We all loved the food.

We stopped at the Tourist information on Aston-on-Clun where we read about the Arbor Tree!

The Arbor Tree.

Dad gives Me and Ernie some of Mums left over Steak on arrival home and we were both very grateful!

Ernie sees the Cows in the field behind us.

Suddenly loads of Pheasants (or are they Grouse) come running in to our garden! 


The Famous Grouse?

Looking at the Pheasants running out of our garden back in to the field!

Ernie loved my Strawberry toy so much that at the end of the Holiday we gave it to him as a gift!

 Cranium time - The Pawrents just love to play games together!

 The sky clouds over and the rain starts to fall very heavily causing all the cows in the field behind our garden to seek shelter!

Oh No its raining!

We hate the rain, we don't like getting our Paws wet and we cant go out!

Then suddenly, just as quick as it started the rain cleared leaving a beautiful rainbow!

Mum looks confused over an egg covered with chicken feathers and poop - Fresh eggs are just wonderful!

The last night in the Hot Tub which means a big party, cocktails, beers, champagne and everything!

Mum and her Margarita!

Playing Cards and having a laugh!

Dad opens the bottles of bubbly!

Mum is ready to party in the Hot Tub!

All the excitement and Ernie is ready for bed and sleeping already!

I'm still awake and ready to PAWty with the Pawrents!

First in as usual - Dad having fun!

Dad and Mum

Wahooo!  Sam joins us!


Sam is "Crazy" Happy to be in the Hot Tub!

 Pete and Sam dance to the music!

 The first bottle of bubbly is poured!

 Sam would rather have the bottle to herself! Ha,Ha!

Mum dancing to the music!

Sam nibbles on Pete!

 Let the madness of the last night in the Hot Tub commence ...

 Owww Champaigne ....

 Uggghhh what is this stuff??

 Its horrible!

But I'm still having fun!

 This one is much better!

 The Last night for the Boys to play on the PlayStation together!

 I join in too!

Ernie comes from the Bedroom to have snuggles with his Daddy!

Another wonderful day filled with fun for all but tomorrow we have to leave!


  1. Oh no it is your last day. We hope the weather is good for the last hurrah. Have a safe trip home. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Frank..... I see a pattern in your hollingday shots...... amongst the peeps - games, drinking, games, drinking, hot-tubs, drinking, foggy lens, drinking, laughs, drinking....... may have to look up a good detox centre for your peeps when you get home ;-) ...he he he. Schnauzer humour!
    They do look like they had a great time. I like that you looked after Ernie and gave him your strawberry toy. So sweet. I hope his new bionic knee will be great.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  3. Another great day. I love Pheasant....yummmmm.

  4. Wow what a fun holiday...i just love your stories of the forests etc....we don't quite have that type of folklore over here.....ernie looks like he is feeling pretty good!!!
    have fun
    stella rose

  5. mom said she is going with you next year. Yea right!
    Benny & Lily