Thursday 29 October 2015

My Thunder Shirt.

Mum and Dad took me to Pets at Home last night to get me my food,  some treats and this Thunder shirt.

Have any of you tried a Thunder shirt and did it work for you? 

Mum got me it because all through Halloween and Bonfire Night there are lots of fireworks being set off and apparently this helps to stop anxiety from loud noises especially fireworks so Mum thought that she would give it a go as I bark and get restless during this time.

Being a Model trying on my Thunder shirt

Strutting my stuff tail held high

It fits me really well.

It feels good on and it looks great.

Unfortunately during my trial no fireworks were banging so I can't tell you if it helped but Mum says she will let you all know if it works when I wear it each night.

I'm happy as can be right now!

More information on this leaflet that came with it.

I really like it , let me know if any of you have one! 


  1. Oh look at you Cousin Frank, you look sooo handsome in your new coat, I do hopes it works fur you, Nov 5th isn't far away!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. how great that it works for you! and it looks super stylish too! the pup on the package looks like Stanley... maybe he is a model and a mayor?

  3. You sure look happy in it! I've never had any anxieties that needed a Thundershirt, but lots of my LBR cousins have worn them and say they help a LOT.

  4. You sure look happy in it! I've never had any anxieties that needed a Thundershirt, but lots of my LBR cousins have worn them and say they help a LOT.

  5. We know all the well the trauma of fireworks. We have a thundershirt but it doesn't seem to help Ciara at all. But we know it has worked wonders for many other dogs. We hope it is a success for you.

    We DO walk together. Ciara walks very nicely but Lightning is still a bit of a puller. And he is afraid of bikes and strollers and skateboards and rollerblades so he can sometimes be difficult for Mom. But she is working on him and makes him sit until the evil "wheels" pass by. We don't usually go in the car for our walks because Lightning is a spaz in the car:( Once in a while we do if Dad can come too so Mom can sit in the back with the silly boy.

    Have a great weekend.

    And thanks for the sweet words.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. It really looks good on you too! We RARELY ever get thunderstorms here cuz it is so dry.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Let's us know if it works. Some pups say yes and some say no way
    Lily & Edward

  8. I have a snug fitting T-shirt that seems to work on the same principle as a thundershirt. If I am too crazy she puts it on me and I settle down. It has helped for clipping my nails also. Hope it works for you Frank
    Bailey, & Hazel too

  9. We've never tried one, but many of our friends have - with good results! Our vets bought some to use for some of the pups and kit-cats who get real anxious there - so obviously they think it's a good idea!
    We hope it helps out, Frank!

  10. Hi Frank
    I DO have a Thundershirt. In the beginning the folks got one for Molly because she freaks at EVERYTHING. Then they decided to get one for me to perhaps stop my occasional obsessive licking. It made me sleepy. . . but did not stop the licking. Fireworks never really bother me much so can't tell you if it works or not BUT I do HAVE to wear my Thundershirt then.
    Love Noodles

  11. That is very cool, I've heard they can be very effective. My mama gives me Rescue Remedy and snuggles with me on fireworks nights. No fireworks here on Halloween, just lots of fun kids!

  12. Frank you look tres chic stay by the phone I predict Dog Fancy will be calling for permission to use you as their Cover Guy!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  13. It looks really comfy. Joey dog doesn't like thunder very much and gets all shaky. But now his hearing is not as good, it doesn't bother him as much. I, Chester, bark at thunder and wake everyone up to let them know there's a thunder storm. (For some reason, nobody seem to appreciate this. ?????)

  14. You look downright snazzy in that shirt! Even if it doesn't help with the thunders, it helps you look all buff and stuff. Good luck!!