Tuesday 5 June 2012

Sleepover at Ernie’s (Part 2)

Sleepover at Ernies continued ....

Once we were back from our walk on the mountain we had a little play together while Dad and Pete finished watching the football then it was Barbecue time!

Dad with the Barbecue.

Dad and Pete got the Barbecue going then Pete got the chiminea going and it was all warm and toast and smelling good!

The Chiminea.

Sam's Pig .... I mean Elephant!

Ernie calls me to come to the garden and play!

Me and Ernie had a game of wrestling on the grass, he always lets me win!

Sam brought up the foodables ready to put on the barbecue and the games stopped and I was ready for the food!

Me telling Ernie that the food was here.

Smelling those cooking smells in the air! Wonderful and Mouthwatering!

Me giving Mum the stink eye to stop taking photos and get me some food!!

The delicious belly pork.

 The Pork, The Pork, The Pork is on fire!!

Dad and Sam have the first cuts of the belly pork!

Me still on the prowl for some delicious barbecue foodables! The Pawrents had to make a fence to keep us doggies from going near the food and getting burned!

The Chicken kebabs on the barbecue.

Everyone gets stuck in to the food except us doggies!

The Chicken kebabs.

The Chinese ribs (they smelled soooooo gooooood!)

Me trying to get a better whiff of them!

Mum (yes see she was there!) with her cocktail.

Ernie sleeping in front of the warm chiminea!

Pete puts out the chiminea and the Barbecue.

Where did Pete go????

The fun is over ….

Then I get a HUGE Jumbone treat and nom on it for ages….

Still nomming…..


Its soooo yummy!

Then Ernie falls asleep on his bed.

I fall asleep on the rug and the Pawrents play games.

Then later on I went up to bed, I cried in the night to be with Ernie (who was in Sam and Pete’s room sleeping) but I had a really good time, it was so much fun!

I love being with Ernie and can’t wait for our dog holiday in October as we have the whole week together!!!!

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  1. Frank-
    Wow, what a time...play, BBQ and more play. But let's go back to to foodables part of the evening...Yum Yum. Are there any leftovers?