Tuesday 4 October 2011

Pre-Holiday play date with Ernie!!

Pete lights the Tiki torches.
 Mum and Dad had a surprise for me Friday night, I had a pre-holiday play date with Ernie! We got over Sam and Pete's house at 7pm and the weather was really warm so we decided to dine Al Fresco and what fun we had!
The lit Tiki Torch

Pete Lights the Chiminia

 Pete decided to light the chiminia for some extra heat, he had some trouble lighting it but Ernie tried to help him!
 a bit of the old lighting fluid ....
 ... and its lit! 

 Us doggy's try to keep warm but we are quickly moved so that we didn't burn our tails!

 Cheers Everyone!



 Dad gives Ernie some fuss - Dad always enjoys going over to see Pete because they both like Football and Playstation Games!
 I look up to Ernie - in more ways than one!
 Kisses - I like to follow Ernie around and to give him little licks!
 We love to play together!
 Sometimes though we get a little TOO playful and Mum tells us off!!
 Ernie is sleepy from all the playing!
 Mmmmm Pizzas!

 I'm trying unsuccessfully to jump and get some food, but Ernie thinks I'm playing a game so chases me around the kitchen!

 I want some of that pizza!!!!

 Saaaaaaam, can I have some Pizza please??
 The video is us playing!
 Back up on the patio playing.
 Pete and the pizza "Now, which slice should I eat first??"
 How nice does that pizza look!!??
 I beg for some pizza or even a bit of pizza crust!
 Still trying to get some food!
 We get too playful and all go inside to relax.
 After running around and playing I was a naughty boy, although I have been potty tried since a very young age, I went upstairs and had a sneak around, I found Sam and Pete's Bedroom and went Pee-Pee's on their green pillow on the bed! Mum was furious and put me outside with a stern telling off, Sam yelled at me too and I was really in the dog house! Dad said it was an attention thing or territorial but Ernie sleeps in bed with them so I just wanted to p*ss him off! Ha,Ha!
 Feeling guilty after my big row!
 Saying "Sorry" to Ernie and his Family - I'm really looking forward to the holiday now, I promised Mum I would be a good little boy! Its only 6 more sleeps!
Zzzzzzzz so much playing and having fun, its time for a sleep and I'm going to dream of all the fun that I will have with Ernie on holiday!!

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  1. That was some evening, Frank! It is funny to see both of your tails wagging in synch! And that pizza does look yummy!