Monday 3 October 2011

Nanna Moyna's Welsh Broth - Mmmmm!

October is here and it means five things, besides the wonderful autumn colours and the falling leaves that crunch under my puggy paws it means Mum's Birthday, Going on "The Dog Holiday" with Ernie, Mum and Aunty Ashley going to see Britney Spears in concert (without me!), Halloween and Nanna Moyna's yummy scrummy Welsh Lamb Broth!!
Nanna makes it ever year as soon as the weather starts to turn colder and the nights start to get darker, Mum put it in a bowl with some of my kibbles so we could all have some.

When can I have it? When?? Owwww I want it - Pleeeeeeeeease!!!
Nom,Nom,Nom - This tastes sooo good! It has big meaty chunks of lamb and has carrots, potatoes, swede, parsnip and lots of other yummy winter veggies! Its more than a little pugalier like me can take - It just tastes like my idea of food heaven!

Thank you Nanna this was the best food EVER!!!


  1. I am drooling more than you can imagine right now, Frank! Yummy to my tummy! Thanks for sharing...I'll be thinking of that all day!

  2. Ohhhh
    I wish I could have just one little taste! It looks so good, and now I think that I can smell it