Monday 17 October 2011

Dog Holiday (Part 1 of 5)

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go!

 Last week I went to Llandrindog ... I mean Llandrindod Wells on my Holidays!

Hug from a Pug
 I met up with Ernie on a pee-pee's stop in a field and was sooo happy to see him!

Then after some playing it was back in the car to drive for a quick food stop to Burger King before going deep in to the countryside to our lodge!

The Burger Kings

 We finally arrive at the lodge and it looks beautiful - I couldn't wait to sniff around it!

Our Lodge

 The Hot Tub!

 Looking around the place, it looks wonderful and smells so good!

 We were right in the middle of the Welsh countryside!

 Pete, Ernie's Dad plays chase with him!

 The Champagne ready for some hot tub fun!

The Wild Hibiscus Flowers!

Dad is the first one in the hot tub!

Sam (Ernie's Mum) is quick to join in!

 Sam and Pete

 Mum and Dad

Ahhhh this is the life!


 Mum eating one of the wild hibiscus flowers!

Dad enjoying the bubbles!

 Dad and Pete!

The boys relax and talk about sports and meanwhile ...

 I hump Ernie - Oooops!

Then we play chase!

 Once back inside I grab my raw hide bone and nibble the rest of the night away.

I fell fast asleep in Mum and Dads bed and had sweet puggy dreams about what other adventures are in store for me .....


  1. What a great start to vacation! That place looks so awesome! Can't wait to hear more...

  2. Looks like you all had a great holiday and that everyone was happy!
    Loved the photos they really told the story, from start to finish.
    Dogs like new places as there are so many scents and places to explore.

  3. Hi Tank
    I am in love with the beauty of your retreat.
    Everything looked so relaxing, and plenty of room to run and play at the Welsh country side.
    The lodge..oh gosh,, it was beautiful.
    Ernie is such a sweetie too. I know you all had such a good time.
    Did you wish you could get in that hot tub too?
    Your chewy raw hide looks yummy.