Tuesday 18 October 2011

Dog Holiday (Part 2 of 5)

 Primrose Loge at Heartsease Lodges in Llandrindod Wells in the beautiful countryside, I woke up with the birds singing and the sheep bleating it was so wonderful!

 Dad makes breakfast for everyone with bacon, egg, plum tomatoes, hash browns and toast with orange juice and coffee.

After a nice big breakfast we all got ready to go for a walk in the countryside along a lane by our lodge.

 On a public country path, there was so much to smell and so much to see and all the Autumn leaves were falling from the trees.

Me and Mum pose for a photo by a big field full of fluffy sheep.

 The Sheep.

Ernie is on the scent of something and starts to dig in the undergrowth - What could it be??

We find a big open field and have a game of fetch the ball.

Me and Ernie running to get the ball.

Pete throws the ball again.

Playing with Dad and Pete.

I love playing in the grass!

 Ernie is so happy, he loves to play fetch with his Daddy!

Walking back to the lodge all worn out after lots of running and sniffing around!

 Almost home.

The sheep behind our Lodge.

Back at the lodge.

 Mum and Sam

Ernie gets an bath outside

I run to get out of the way, I don't do washing outside, I like a nice warm shower!

Dad starts the Barbecue!

The fire starts and the men start to get cooking!

Me and Mum Hug

Dad gets the drinks out ready to party!

Pete gets the burgers cooking!

Dad starts to get them sizzling and they start to smell soooooo good!

Sam and Pete Relax ready to eat!

Me and Mum hug - I love to get cuddles from Mum!

Me and Ernie stay close to the table waiting for any food to come our way!

Dad gives out the burgers!

Mums tower burger with lots of cheese!!

Ernie wants some food too!!

Dad makes a chicken from a tea towel! Hee,Hee!

Mum and Sam eat Toffee Apples!

Mum and her Toffee Apple!

Sam with her Toffee Apple!

Ernie has a surprise attack on Mum and humps her! Sam and Pete try to get him off!

 Mum, Dad, Sam and Pete play a game of "Cranium" its such a fun game to watch them play!

Mum is STILL eating her Toffee Apple!

The Champagne is out - Must be Hot Tub O'clock!!

Dad starts the Hot Tub!

Sam is the first one in!

Dad opens the Champers and Pops the Cork! Wahoo!

Pete and Dad

Sam and Pete

 Mum and Sam

Dad and Mum

Dad, Mum and Pete ... With Ernie in the background!

Its Ernie!

I'm a proper Velcro puggy, I don't like to be away from Mum and Dad, I try and join in as much as possible!

 I wanna get in!!!!

Me and Mum hug!

Dad messing around!

Fins to the left and Fins to the right!! Dad is a land shark in the water!

 Mum with her fins up she absolutely loves Jimmy Buffett!

Once back inside I relax with Ernie's HUGE raw hide bone.

This Puggy is soooo tired, time for bed and dreams of sugar pugs dancing in my head ... tomorrow there is more fun to be had! 

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  1. Hi Frank,
    I love the picture of you and your mum in front of the sheep! And that field looks just perfect for you and Ernie to romp and play. This vacation is so great!
    PS. Thanks for the shout out...those burgers look so yummy, I totally know why you didn't go far!