Wednesday 19 October 2011

Dog Holiday (Part 3 of 5)

Pete Makes Breakfast and as usual I don't leave the kitchen, I'm hot on the heels of anybody that has food!

 I can smell the bacon and I'm drooling ... wishing that Pete would slip me some food!

Sausages, Beans and plum tomatoes! Yummy!

Sam makes the eggs and they look soooo goood!

Eggs, black pudding and plum tomatoes! Mmmm I love black pudding!

 Mums Full English breakfast ( but with no beans) - She gave me some sausage, bacon and black pudding with my morning kibbles, it was soooo yummy!

Brochures on Elan Valley - We must be off on a day trip!

 Elan reservoir and spectacular views.

Elan Valley Trail

It starts to rain and Dad and I are both caught off guard without our coats!!

Dad NEVER wears the right clothes for the weather!

Garreg Ddu is Welsh for Black Stone.

The Scenery is beautiful here at Elan Valley.

The Elan Valley Estate is an area of spectacular beauty and abundant wildlife right in the heart of mid Wales. It is wonderful place to visit in any season but especially in the autumn when the leaves are changing colour.

The Elan Estate is owned by Dŵr Cymru (Welsh Water) and mostly vested in the Elan Valley Trust, a charity. Dŵr Cymru is responsible for the Visitor Centre, the dams and reservoirs, the woodlands and most of the Elan Valley Trail. Dŵr Cymru is committed to furthering the conservation of the environment.

Nantgwyllt Church - beautifully tucked away in the hills of Elan.

 The arch entrance to the Church.

Pete, Ernie and Sam

Dad, Me and Mum

There were little waterfalls everywhere!

 Sam the super girl!

Me and Ernie get to run about off lead and enjoy all the sights and sounds and SMELLS of the woodland.

The fallen rocks.

Dad and Ernie hunt of creatures in the wild .... or at least under a rock!

Dad finds a place to swim!

Playing ball in the water! It was so much fun!!!

Me and Ernie love to swim!

 Ernie loves the water so much we call him the Water Spaniel!

 I'm not a big fan of getting my paws wet though ....

Ernie plays ball in the water, he is so happy!

Where is the ball? You aren't going to leave it there are you??

Pack Walk.

The woods are so beautiful and so quiet.

The dams and reservoirs of the Elan Estate are situated within an area of outstanding scenic beauty. They provide a lasting amenity in their own right for visitors to enjoy. The protection of the water catchment to prevent pollution of the reservoirs has safeguarded the habitats of numerous species of flora and fauna.

In total the Elan Estate attracts more than 400,000 visitors annually. Many people come to enjoy the peace and quiet, some come for the wildlife and scenery, whilst others enjoy walking and being at peace with the wonderful nature that surrounds them.

The Estate consists of rounded hills dissected by steep valleys, many of which are covered in deciduous woodland dominated by Sessile Oak. The better soils of the valley bottoms are now mostly submerged under the reservoirs.

The beautiful rainbow!

Its such a beautiful place to visit!

The Elan Valley Estate attracts a wide variety of visitors and a good starting point for all is the Visitor Centre which has a wide variety of information and educational and interactive resources. 

Back at the Loge we had a party, its Mum and Sam's birthday in October so it was a good time to celebrate!

 Pete also had a birthday card and gift as his birthday was in September!

Pete relaxes outside with a drink!

 More fun and games ...

What are you doing Sam???

Me and Mum - Hug for The Pug!!!

Hot Tub Time!

I stay close - on the steps of the Hot Tub, this Puggy will not stray for from my Mum and Dad!

After all the walks and the excitement of today its too much for Ernie who falls asleep on the floor!
We all go to bed and have a good night sleep ready for a country walk to see the farms around the Lodge! See you guys tomorrow!


  1. What beautiful scenery and a great place for a hike. We love off leashing. We're not so fond of swimming either. Enjoy the remainder of your visit. It also looks like you were the only ones there!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. We just can't get over how beautiful the places you visited were today! My mom wants you to take her with you next year! I personally am more into the sausage pictures!
    PS. Happy birthdays to your mum and Sam!

  3. Wow Frank
    Whatta adventure you had! My Mommy #2 went to Wales a long long time ago and LOVED it. She said your pictures really brought it all back to her and she felt like she was there again.
    Love Noodles

  4. Hi Tank
    My mouth was beginning to drool- looking at all that good food!
    Then I saw the hiking trails and pool of water to swim in. You and Ernie had so much fun. These photos are gorgeous. Thank you for taking the time to share this adveture!

  5. Mom says you simply have to stop posting the English food, it makes her too homesick. Except for the black pudding, she hates it(I find it rather appealing myself).