Thursday 20 October 2011

Dog Holiday (Part 4 of 5)

Morning and I'm back in my usual spot!

Pleeeeeease can I have some food??


Once dressed and fed we all made our way from the lodges out for a walk in the countryside.


Pete investigates a public pathway and off we go on our walking adventure .....

We see Farm houses.....

... and fields filled with birds ...

... sign posts ...

... and fields filled with livestock, plants and produce ...

... tractors ...

... we see lots and lots of lovely fluffy sheep ....

and then Ernie sees ....


A big squishy cow pat all smelly and poopy and he rolled in it head first!!!!!!



It was all up his face and in his ears!!

We had to walk home in a hurry with Ernie's cow poop smell drifting up down wind!

Back at the Lodge and its time for Ernie to have a bath!


Sam washes his head before the shampoo can be rubbed in.

Ernie is not a happy doggy!

All suds up.


Ernie now squeaky clean!

Awww cute!

Dad and Frank chill out.

Frank and Ernie play!

The spooky trees! Owwwww!


Mum plays ball with us!


More fun and games - this time its cards!

Wahoo Dad!

Ernie gets some loving from his Daddy!

Hot tub for the last time!


Sleepy time for me and Mum!

The next morning there was a strange dog outside our door!

It was the dog belonging to the Lodge owner and sadly it was time for us to go home!


Ernie and the dog.

Me and the dog.

Ernie goes in the boot of the car ready to ride home!
We had a wonderful time and cant wait for another adventure next year!


  1. These pics are great too! Thanks so much for taking us with you, Frank! Well, except for Ernie's romp in the poo. Hehee!

  2. Hu-mom was laughing at Ernie. We call those cow pies here in the US. I would CERTAINLY roll in a cow pie! I think the smell would be wonderful. I've rolled in something dead and really stinky before and ended up just like Ernie!
    We really enjoyed your visit to the beautiful place in your part of the world. Thanks for sharing.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. Oh jeepers, and I bet Ernie thought it smelled soooo good!!? WRONG!! Icky poo poo does not smells good! I can imagine the smell being carried by the wind! Tee hee hee!
    I hope you did not get any on you Tank!
    But now Ernie is all squeky clean. You made us all giggle again!
    So much beauty to see on your trip,. the rolling hills with the hay rolls and the birds are so pretty. The farm land photos are so beautious that they could be framed- yes, everyone of them are beautiful.
    I loved the fluffy sheep.
    And I love all the photos of you and Ernie getting loving from your pawrents.
    Thank you again for taking us along and sharing beauty that we have never seen in our world.

  4. To me Ernie looked quite small! :)
    Love you Frankie!,