Thursday 6 October 2011

October Heat Wave!

It was another hot one on Saturday we were in the middle of a heat wave, extremely unusual for October in wales and it was very hot, Mum had her shorts on and you don’t get to see mums legs unless it’s really sunny and warm!

I had a walk to the lakes for a swim which was tremendously desired as I was really hot and panting like a puggy gone mad!

It was such a nice day, the sky was blue and the sun was shining – Mum says the weird weather is to do with this thing called global warming and that other people don’t appreciate the earth as much as we do, we have a wonderful world and need to take care of it and to be in this beautiful countryside and to have all these animals and wildlife around us is such a blessing, the lake is such a serene place and I have a lot of puggy thoughts while I’m here it’s a place to reflect and to relax.

Mum watches me pug paddle and swim in the nice cold lake!

Having a drink.

Doggy paddling, I really enjoy a nice cold invigorating swim on a hot day.


Mum sits on the edge to watch me play in the shallow water but then ……

I put my puggy face in the mud!

I got so dirty I almost looked like a black pug I was covered in mud from tail to tip.

Walking home after my quiet time we saw this bible verse just placed on a bench, I tried to eat it but Mum told me to leave it because it must be there for a reason and someone may walk past who needs to read it, things like that are very thought-provoking!


  1. You have so much fun on your walks, Frank! And you're such a good swimmer! My mom squealed when she saw your dirty face and felt bad for your mum...but then you cleaned off in the lake. Thanks for taking us along, I never get tired of seeing your beautiful countryside!
    PS. That is a great Bible verse!

  2. Oh Frank! You didn't just get a little muddy, you were TOTALLY covered. It's a good thing you are so cute. I'm sure your mom just said "awwwww". What a great day..Mud, swimming and a Bible verse.


  3. Dear Tank
    Your world is so very beautiful. I close my eyes and remember it when I go to sleeps.
    Your lake is the most awsome lake in the world. How can it look so peaceful? You are blessed with such beauty in your world. The rays from the sunshine and the blue sky. I love the little walks you take us on,, oh I love your world. I can tell you love Mother Earth - like me... and all that she gives us,, in one way or another- all of our needs are taken care of.

    Your so brave to swim in the deep water. I cannot swim, and I know I would not care to learn. But you are so happy and beautiful swimming around. You are like a happy little ducky.
    And ohhh, the mud pie on your face makes us smile!
    Its summer there, and warm, and our fall is upon us. Leaves are changing to gold, and then they tumble to the ground.
    Your post is beautiful
    And the Bible verse, I am sure was ment for someone to read,, maybe all of us.
    Nitey nite