Thursday 27 October 2011

Guess who came down to see me on the weekend??

Guess who came down to see me on the weekend?? .... JASPER!!

I was so happy to see him, I didn't think that I would see him until Christmas but Mum took me over Nanna Moyna's on Saturday and there he was!

I love seeing him because we always have so much fun together, he is one of my best friends!

Jasper always gives me kisses and tickles on my face and tummy when I see him! Awwww!

Nan even makes food and we don't care, we are enjoying playing together far too much!

Wait where is mine Nan????

Where do you think your going Jasper?? Look at Jasper's stumpy tail, he was the last in the year when he was born to get docked and it looks sdo funny when he wags it! I wouldnt like it if they took my Puggy curly tail off me!

 Jasper ATTACK!!!


What??? Did someone say "Walkies"??? We are ready!! C'mon Jasper lets go!!


  1. Jasper looks like a wonderful best friend! I bet you guys were tired at the end of the day after so much playing.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. The two of you are like peas in a pod! It really looks like you have so much fun. I especially like all the bitey-face pictures! I have a soft spot in my heart for adorable schnauzers, and Jasper is so cute! And of course, you are too, Frank!

  3. Is that Jasper cute or what?
    What an awsome surprise to have Jasper come before Christmas to play with you.
    His little "no tail" is cute, and your curly tail is cute,,, just the way you are

  4. OOh, I bet Jasper's whiskers do tickle something fierce! He looks like a great best bud. My sis Kitty has the tiniest tail. Old peple call it a screw tail because it is sort of screw shaped. It is no fun though b/c she can't even wag it or anything. She was born wif hers like that. Anyway, have fun and try not to get into trouble at Nan's.

    Coco (and Kitty)

  5. I have a new Schnauzer cousin, he has a funny looking tail too. And what's up with that beard?