Wednesday 8 June 2011


Dad took me and Mum down the Cycle Track (Route 47) only instead of going my usual way walking to Tedomen, Ystrad Mynach and Penallta he took us the Trelewis way all the way to Bedlinog!

Going over the bridge from Nelson to Trelewis, the train goes underneth it.

The day was cloudy and raining but I really enjoyed the long walk!

New Signs for me to pee on - hee,hee!

Where to go?? ....

The route is lined with these coal seam signs at regular intervals along the walk.

It was a very pretty walk with lots of arch ways and foliage and interesting things to see!

Another coal seam sign built in to the rock!

Looking in to the stream and thinking if I should have a dip in the water, I like swimming now and do it a lot in the warm weather!

At the lakes, it looks so pretty here!

Really pretty stones, they look almost prehistoric!! This looks like a big fern leaf!

This one is like a giant shell!

This rock looks like it had a weird sea creatures pressed on it.

A nice place to watch the world go by and have a picnic! Yummy ... I want treats!

Owww look at the rain on the lake!

The lake with the bouy.

We see a man fishing in the lake, it looks fun!

Sniffing out bait!

WHAT?? Dogs need to be on leads .... ooops I'm running free!!

Hmmm what other dogs have been here??

A very strange orange pond, there is only one of them here on this whole walk, Dad and his friend Geraint go on bike rides up here and they always wonder how this one pond is this colour - if anyone knows why its this colour please let me know!

Could it be rust???

A small nature reserve.

The Pond was full of wildlife!

In Bedlinog, going to the Climbing Centre!

The Climbing Centre!

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