Friday 3 June 2011

I'm back from my holidays!

I'm home from my holidays and I had such a wonderful time!

These photos were taken in Freshwater West!

Feeling the Salt Sea Breeze in my face and the sand beneath my paws!

Running free on the beach, its a beautiful feeling!

Puggy Paws!

Eating Seaweed!

Looking guilty at Mum because she told me to stop eating the seaweed!

Dad hangs from the sacred Sea Circle and I stand guard.

The Sacred Sea Circle.

The beautiful scenery.

Uncle Steve and Jasper see a dead seal on the rocks, the smell was overpowering!

I had to get a closer look so scaled the rocks!

Playing in the sand.

I love to spend time with Jasper!

Jasper and I play in the sand!

The beach is so gorgeous!

Dad pretends to be Bear Grills and shows my the survival techniques by eating a crab! Mmmmmm!

Jude and Steve relax on a log and watch me and Jasper play together!

Time to go home for a sleep and I'm shattered!

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