Saturday 4 June 2011

Marloes and St Govans!

Marloes is a village in Pembrokeshire,It is situated on the Marloes Peninsula 11 km west of the port of Milford Haven and forms the westernmost tip of the southern shore of St Brides Bay. It is within part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Dad 'Malo' in 'Marloes' Hee,Hee!

Dad and Mum by the sea.

The beach (on Marloes Bay south of the village) is rated as one of the best beaches in Britain! It is excellent for viewing the wildlife including seals, choughs and puffins!

Dad, Mum and Uncle Steve.

Mum and Dad my be on the rocks but their love is definitely not!

The beautiful Blue Green Sea and a Sail Boat.

The Beach is so beautiful here.

Dad has a big hose!!!

Spectacular views!

The Beach is so clean and the sea is clear and blue!

Dad, Steve and Judith.

Who threw that rock Dad???

Saint Govan was a hermit who lived in a fissure on the side of coastal cliff near Bosherston, in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales.

Saint Govan may have come to see the beautiful countryside now contained in the Pembrokeshire National Park! St Govan was already an elderly man when he came to Pembrokeshire, and tradition says that pirates from Lundy Island tried to capture him. The tradition goes on to say that the cleft in the rock at St Govan's Chapel opened miraculously for Govan to hide in, closed over him, opening miraculously for a second time after the pirates had gone away.

I have been to St Govans when I was a puppy and Mum and Dad came down here before I was born, I love the beach and the sea and enjoyed running around in the sun!

When I'm on the beach I feel like an old sea dog, all salty and free!

Playing with Jasper, chasing each other and enjoying the fresh sea air!

Running in the sea!

Running away from the waves! Wahoooo!

Mum and Dad cuddle together on the beach.

The beautiful scenery.

Hiding in the rocks - I don't want to go back to Jasper's house!!!!

Jasper peeking at me from the grass.

The signs for the military training with explosives!

When the red flag shows don't go in as they shoot!!!

The red flag.

A beautiful farm house.

The stables - I like the buoy decorations!

Wheres that cat????


Back in the car to go back to Jasper's.....

Back to Jaspers.

Jude and Steves 'street' is so pretty.

Me and Jasper have a bone each for being good boys!

Jasper enjoys his bone!

Yummy Bone! Mmmmmmm!

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