Tuesday 7 June 2011

Cyfarthfa Castle.

Dad took Me and Mum for a walk around Cyfarthfa Castle and Cyfarthfa Park in Merthyr Tidfil.

Cyfarthfa Castle across the lake in Cyfarthfa Park.

Trying to jump in the water because the weather was sooo hot!

Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling......

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!

Lillys in the water anf lots of fish.

I had to stay on my lead around the castle grounds!

Woodland School.

Which way to go???

A pretty and shaded pond.

I went in the pond and it turned out to be very, very muddy! I almost got stuck!

Muddy little paws!

Dirty Dog! - What did you call me?

Woodland walk.

What a beautiful carving of an acorn and the oak leaf.

Cyfarthfa Park and Museum will offer you a warm wecome to what is the "Jewel in Merthyr's Crown" The Crawshay family home, built in 1824 now houses a school and the famous Cyfarthfa Castle Museum, which has recently been awarded the prestigious status as being a Top 10 Valleys destination. Cyfarthfa Park is as important historically as the Castle itself,The new visitor centre, Canolfan Cyfarthfa, Playground and Splash pad are open for their first full season this year, as well as a miniature railway which has been redeveloped.

It was designed in 1824 by the architect Robert Lugar for William Crawshay II, and built at a cost of approximately £30,000 using locally quarried stone. The Crawshays lived in the house until 1889. The castle was sold in 1908 to the local council.

Dad and me pose for a photo by some kind of scary sheeps head!

What is THAT????

The Castle Grounds.

I had a really nice day and enjoyed seeing the Castle and the walk was so much fun! I went home and had a nice sleep!

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