Monday 6 June 2011


West Angle Bay Beach near the village of Angle is a small sheltered beach by the mouth of Milford Haven with excellent water quality. Milford Haven is located on the west coast of Pembrokeshire and the beach is found between Sheep Island and Chapel Bay. West Angle Beach is popular for swimming, fishing, rock pooling and walking with many Pembrokeshire beaches it is bordered by the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. Dogs like me are allowed!

There were lots of wiggly things on the beach where animals have been coming up from the sand.

I love the beach.

Me and Jasper play on the beach.

Feeling adventurous I went in the sea and sniffed around the seaweed.

Playing in the sea, its cold but its fun!

Jasper joins me for a little swim, even though he dosent like the water!

Swimming around.....

Having a look at the seaweed with Jasper.

Jasper has a munch on the seaweed! - Is that nice Jasper???

Leaping like a salmon out of the water!

Looking out to the sea.

A major occupation is tourism as people travel to use the sheltered beach at West Angle bay which has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The rockpools in the bay are home to a small green starfish with the scientific name Asterina phylactica. The starfish was only formally identified in 1979.

The Beach.


Whats that?

Owww it looks like a weird sea monster!

Climbing on the rocks.

The Claw!

What?? Hot Dog???

The boats coming in.

The beach.

In the nineteenth century a large number of forts were constructed around Pembroke Dock and Milford Haven. Three of these are on the coast around Angle, the East Blockhouse Battery, Thorn Island Fort and the Chapel Bay Battery. Their construction was funded as part of advice to Lord Palmerston following a Royal Commission.

The industrial side of Pembrokeshire.

The Angle lifeboat received silver medals in 1878 rescuing the crew of the Loch Shiel on rocks near Thorn Island which carried cases of whisky.

A little walk from the beach to the pub.

Lots of boats in the bay.

Dad with me and Jasper.

The old point house pub.

If the tide is in you cant get to this pub!

The toilets - one of Mums favorite places! Hee,Hee!

Mmmm Beer!

Hugs with Mum!

Chillin with Dad!

This old sea dog still knows how to sail!

Dad - Push me out to sea, I'm ready to set sail!

Lady May

Snug Harbour - sounds so nice!

Bluebell Cottages - so pretty!

Angle Church.

The grave of an old sailor.

Back home at Judiths some dogs come to call for Jasper to go play, but I was there to greet them!

Making Friends (Could this be my new girlfriend??)

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