Thursday 23 June 2011

Mum Saves Me From Drowning in the Lake!

Last night we went Treharris way again for "walkies" with Mum and Aunty Ashley.

I like the fossilised fish on the sign.

On the way down to the waterfalls and the lakes.

We have to go over the big bridge.

Me being really inquisitive as usual.

Meeting a new doggy friend - he looks just like Jasper!

The Treharris walk takes you passed a long river ...

and the coal seam stones.

Seven feet coal seam!

Me and Mum pose by the seven feet coal seam archway.

Say cheese! Where? Where is the cheese??!!

Model Puggy! Posing for more photos!

Running alongside the lakes - no life buoy!!

I'm going for a dip!

Just putting my paws in ....

Splish Splashing around .....

What I didn't realise is that I'm walking on the edge of the under water ledge ...

Not learning from my mistake I go in the water again, I think its shallow but its not and then ......

Mum saves me from drowning in the lake!

Mum is soaked!!

Hugs for pugs!

More photos of the pretty fossil rocks.

We then made our way home back to Nelson!

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