Monday 19 September 2011

Sunny on Saturday!

Saturday was nice and sunny so Mum took me for a really long walk.

I saw a crab apple tree and tried to eat some of the fallen apples but they did not taste nice!

It was so warm that when I saw the stream I had to go in for a drink and a little doggy paddle.

Having a little drink.

A little doggy paddle to cool my paws.

Time to get out now.

Running down to the fishing ponds with the wind in my ears!

The fishing Ponds.

Looking for some fish in the ponds.

No fish to be seen!

Sniffing the grass and playing in the mud.

Looking for fish in the big lake, but sadly there was no fish swimming by....

But there was a big red dragonfly come to say hello to me!!


  1. Good Morning, Frank! What a wonderful area to go on a hike! Is this where you live? I would love to go on walks there, so much to explore!

  2. What a great walk you went on! What do you do if you see fish in the lake?
    Maddy and Owen

  3. Oh Frank... blogger ate my comment!
    I wanted to tell you what a magical world that you live in!
    Your lakes and ponds and apple trees,and Bridges but not fish!
    I like your Dragon Fly,,, it looks like a nice friend,