Thursday 29 September 2011

Late Evening Walk with Mum!

Happy to be out in the warm sunshine having a late evening walk with Mum.

The lake in the evening - so tranquil and so beautiful, the colours are full of autumn promise and I feel at peace here.

The colourful Autumn countryside glows with oranges, yellows and reds.

We have to walk up a hill that follows a little stream ...

Then over a little wooden bridge....

Then once we reach the sign post we go up again to Parc Penalltas little coal lakes.

I have a look in the water and have a drink, very cold but nice to cool me down!

Looking around the little lake.

Mum loves this photo because you can see my puggy reflection in the water.

Going in for a little dip ...

Brrrrr its sooo cold!
A little swim ....

Splashy, Splash Puggy Swimming Style!

Time to get out.

What a lovely walk that was - time to go home now Mum!


  1. We wish we lived near you and could join you and your mom in your evening walks! It looks wonderful. Maybe you could teach Mack and me to swim!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: We agree, we love the picture with your reflection, too.

  2. Frank, thanks so much for taking us on your walk again. Your countryside is just gorgeous and very tranquil. I love looking at all the pretty pictures...and you too! We wish we could be there as Minnie and Mack said, but this is a good second best. I hope we get to go on another walk soon.